A film by Mauricio Sierra exploring the beauty of celebration and ritual amongst cemeteries in Mexico during Dia de Muertos.

From the filmmaker:

I have become a cemetery seeker and wanderer, nothing seems so interesting to me than “the final resting place”.

Im not a “dark person” but the beauty of these places captivates me.

In Mexico, cemeteries and graveyards keep an intense vibration, the colors and ornamentation / decorations on the graves are both naive and sober, it is a direct window to how the mesoamerican cultures used to live, it tells so much about the ancient past of these lands.

It takes me back, it grounds me. It makes me vibrate and it is a constant reminder that as Mexicans we all come from a country that bleeds history and that, even though it has endured so much abuse, it still keeps its traditions well rooted to their beginnings.

For so long I have wanted to spend a whole night observing quietly how people remember their beloved ones.Over a period of time I spent going from graveyard to graveyard in search of the most authentic and still untouched adorned cemeteries.

In this video you will see only a few. But I keep visiting cemeteries on the highway, far away towns etc. as I find their stillness a good place to reflect.

– Mauricio Sierra



Mauricio Sierra – Director @mauricio_sierra_
Michel Castro – DP @michcastro
Rodrigo Mendoza – Producer FUTURA @rodmendo
Flor Serrao – AC @riverrmss

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